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Queens & Nassau Child Custody and Support Lawyers

Queens & Nassau Child Support and Custody Lawyers What to Expect How to Get Child Custody in Queens & Nassau, New York? Courts Award Child Custody Based on “The Best Interest of the Child” – Satisfy Your Child’s Needs to Help Obtain Custody. You Want a Divorce Attorney That Has Experience With Child Custody Cases. […]

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Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer and Family Attorney

Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer & Family Attorney A Guide to Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer in Brooklyn What Makes a Good Divorce Attorney in Brooklyn? If you are getting divorced in Brooklyn, NY, it it critical to select the right divorce attorney.  You will want an attorney who: i) is experienced in both matrimonial law and family […]

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Michael Jordan’s Divorce

Michael Jordan’s Divorce Case and Current Life Michael Jordan’s Divorce Case Michael Jordan’s 2006 divorce case was one of a list of high profile celebrity divorce cases with a large payout to his spouse.  It was reported that Michael Jordan made a settlement payment of $168,000,000 to his former wife Juanita Jordan.  In addition, to […]

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Tom Brady Divorce

Tom Brady’s Divorce Case Tom Brady’s Divorce Case Several medial sources have reported that Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen may be filing a divorce case in Florida where the couple reside.  They were married in February of 2009 and have raised three children together, Benjamin, 12, and Vivian, 9, and also Jack, 15, who is Brady’s […]

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Prenuptial Agreements in New York

A Guide to Prenuptial Agreements In New York A Divorce Lawyer’s Guide Why Prenuptial Agreements are Important? In recent years the divorce rates in New York have gone up, couples face an approximate 50% chance of divorce. A divorce can place a toll on your financial well-being — especially if you the higher earning spouse […]

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What Is Equitable Distribution in a NYC Divorce?

What is Equitable Distribution in a New York Divorce? A NYC Divorce Lawyer’s Guide Equitable Distribution Equitable distribution is the division of marital assets to each spouse.  Courts allocate marital property based upon a variety of factors, such as the length of the marriage, the contribution of each spouse and other factors like abusive conduct.  […]

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What is the wife entitled to in a divorce in New York?

What is the Wife Entitled to in a Divorce in Queens New York? A NYC Divorce Lawyer’s Guide What is the Wife Entitled to in a New York Divorce? – Queens In a NYC divorce, the wife is entitled to equitable distribution — with is an allocation of marital assets, and depending on the case […]

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What Are Restraining Orders In New York?

What Are Restraining Orders In New York? A Family Lawyer’s Guide to Restraining Orders What is a Restraining Order? Restraining Orders also called Orders of Protection are issued by a Judge to protect you from another person who is threatening, harassing, abusing, sexual misconduct, annoying, and/or intimidating you, or has committed a crime against you […]

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What Is The Divorce Court Process In New York?

What Is The Divorce Court Process In New York? A Divorce Lawyer’s Guide to Divorce Court What Happens at Divorce Court? Divorce Court is where couples go to dissolve their marriage before a tribunal.  The court will distribute marital property, assign custody of children and child support payments, determine if maintenance (alimony) will be awarded, […]

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What Is The Family Court Process In New York?

What Is The Family Court Process In New York? A Family Lawyer’s Guide to Court in NYC What is Family Court Like in NYC? (Queens, Nassau, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester & Suffolk) Family Court hears domestic cases concerning child custody, child support, spousal support, restraining orders, orders of protection, child neglect, child abuse, and other types […]

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Divorce During Covid

Divorce Rate In New York Why Do People Get Divorced? Why are more people getting divorced? The divorce rate in New York has increased dramatically in recent years. As a result of the Covid pandemic, more people are getting divorced because they’ve been couped up for too long with their spouses, and this close proximity […]

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