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If you need a contract drafted, interpreted, or if you are in litigation concerning a contract dispute CALL Solomos & Storms, PLLC for a FREE consultation to see how we can help you.

The attorneys at Solomos and Storms, PLLC have substantial experience in Contract Law – we have drafted thousands of contracts and litigated a wide range of breach of contract cases.  We not only know how to draft solid agreements – we know how contractual terms play out in court under litigation.   

We help individuals and local business owners create contracts that ensure their rights are protected in an ironclad manner. Several big mistakes we’ve seen business owners make in the past is going into a new business without a contract, or worse yet, a contract that is so poorly written that it is legally unenforceable.  CALL Solomos & Storms, PLLC for a free consultation PRIOR to SIGNING a contract. 

“Saving money now by not going to a lawyer for a contract could cost you dearly later… when it’s too late! "

What Does A Contract Lawyer Do?

Many people don’t realize the importance of seeking out the advice of a skilled contract attorney until they’re already in hot water.  A properly written contract can clarify responsibilities and help prevent a dispute down the road.   The contract lawyers  at Solomos & Storms, PLLC can write a contract for your business, review an existing contract, and or litigate a breach of contract, if necessary.  

Clear terms are essential to make sure the intent of the parties is carried out.  Foresight is also important when drafting agreements.  We often see problems that arise years later – that could have been easily resolved by anticipating them at the drafting stage.  It is imperative to have an experienced contract attorney draft or review an agreement PRIOR to SIGNING. 

We Can Write A Contract For Your Business

Our contract lawyers can help you write up a contract that will hold up in court, also referred to as a legally enforceable contract. A contract should ultimately preserve your rights, as you understood them to be at the time the contract was created.  It should be clearly written, without ambiguities and loopholes that will invite future litigation. Put simply: a well written contract can keep you out of court!

We Can Review A Business Contract For You - BEFORE you SIGN

Never be pressured into signing a contract that you have not reviewed with your lawyer! In fact if a party is trying to pressure you to sign – this is a red flag that something may be off.  Our contract lawyers have many years of experience drafting contracts for individuals and businesses and in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester.  Solomos and Storms, PLLC are well-seasoned when it comes to reviewing and drafting contracts, we can quickly understand what will be important in an agreement and what language you will want based on your given situation.

Our well-respected firm has helped client over the years avoid costly litigation by carefully going over all aspects of contracts, inserting key terms and deleting harmful provisions. BEFORE you SIGN or try to write out any business agreement on your own, or even if you just have some questions about your current contract, visit Solomos and Storms, PLLC.  We will meet with you to carefully review your contemplated contract and point out ways you can make it better – or suffer losses due to clauses which are in conflict with your best interests.

Sometimes contracts contain technical legal terms meant to obscure the true meaning and intent of the author. Only an experienced contract lawyer can help translate such a contract into simple, easy to understand terms.  You must UNDERSTAD everything in the contract so you know what you are getting into – and what obligations the contract imposes on you.  Our contract REVIEW & EXPLANATION can be priceless later on.

A Contract Lawyer Can Litigate a Breach of Contract Matter

We have substantial experience litigating breach of contract cases. It is when one party to a contract violates one or more terms of the contract. When one such party fails to fulfill their responsibilities under the contract, a Breach of Contract Lawsuit can ensue. This is why it is of the utmost importance to consult with a contract lawyer as early as possible if signs of trouble start to appear.  However, if you are already in litigation, you need an experienced litigator to fight for you in court!  Contact Solomos & Storms, PLLC to represent you in your contract lawsuit. 

If you own a business in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau, Suffolk or Westchester you need a Business Lawyer with substantial contract law experience - both inside and outside the courtroom. Solomos and Storms, PLLC will help you avoid costly contractual mistakes!

What Types Of Contracts Can Solomos and Storms, PLLC Help You With?

There are specific types of contracts that are required for a given situation. Our contract lawyers have substantial experience drafting a wide variety of contracts, to include business agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, independent contractor agreements, subcontractor agreements, employment agreements, commercial leases, construction agreements, and commercial real estate purchases.  

We also draft contracts for individuals and partners starting a new business such as a restaurant or real estate office, for example.  A solid contract at the beginning of the relationship between partners can prove to be invaluable down the road to avoid disputes.  We’ve dealt with these kinds of contracts for many years, and know the ins and outs of them.  Call us for a FREE consultation to learn how we can help you draft an agreement if you are starting out a new business. 

“ The Contract Lawyers at Solomos & Storms, PLLC will make it next to impossible for someone to steamroll over your rights with a contract that is detrimental to your business needs or personal interests."

Business Partner Disputes

Oftentimes people involved in business will change their point of view regarding the day to day operation of a business or arguments can lead to problems. This can cause a conflict between partners, and possibly even to one or both of the partners wanting to dissolve the partnership or engage in litigation. Cases like these can sometimes be resolved through mediation and settlement negotiations – unless one or both sides are immovable in their positions, in which case the matter may go to court. Who you hire to represent you in court can make all the difference when it comes to achieving the results you desire.

If you are having even minor business disputes with a partner, now is the time for a contract lawyer to look over your contract and inform you of your rights. It’s possible that the attorney who drafted your business contract was inexperienced in this area of law. Perhaps they did not consider all your interests, or plan for contingencies in the future.

Speak with a contract attorney from Solomos & Storms, PLLC for any contract concerns you may have. Leave second guessing to the amateurs and go to the professionals at Solomos and Storms, PLLC for solid legal advise. 

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