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Queens Foreclosure Lawyers & Sheriff Sale Lawyers: Are You Facing a Foreclosure or a Sheriff's Sale?

If you are experiencing a home foreclosure or having your property sold at a Sheriff’s Sale contact Solomos & Storms, PLLC for immediate assistance. 

We have substantial experience in foreclosure defense and defending against Sheriff’s Sales. You may have defenses available to you that can stop the foreclosure or Sheriff Sale.  On numerous occasions, we have set-aside Sheriff’s Sales for a variety of reasons, including vacating default judgments that led to the sale.  Contact us to see how we can assist you. 


Comprehensive Case Review

In many cases the bank initiates a foreclosure lawsuit without having the proper paperwork, chain of title of documents, and other items that you can use as defenses to foreclosure.  In addition, you may have signed a “predatory loan” which can also be used as a defense.  We perform a thorough evaluation of your case – closely reviewing documents – to determine the defenses you have to fight foreclosure. 

If you are facing a Sheriff’s Sale of your property.  We will determine the defenses you have available.  In certain cases we are able to vacate your judgment – and prevent the Sheriff Sale.

Contact Solomos & Storms, PLLC to see how you can fight foreclosure and Sheriff’s Sales.




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