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Essay Topic: "How Can the World Achieve Peace in the Future?"

What is the Essay Topic?

The Essay Topic for Spring 2023 is: “How Can the World Achieve Peace in the Future?”


Key Points to Remember:

  • Make sure you answer the topic question.
  • The length of your essay should be approximately 2,000 words.  You will not be penalized for slightly less or more words, but the target word count is 2,000 words.
  • You must include an introductory paragraph of approximately 300 words where you provide an overview of your essay.
  • You should use subtopic headings in your essay.
  • Use strong comparative analysis by citing to historical events to demonstrate historical outcomes for policies, practices, laws, etc.
  • Demonstrate strategic thinking by using logic, sound reasoning and critical thinking.
  • Utilize a clear plan and tactics to achieve your goal.
  • Your ideas should be feasible and readily achievable.
  • Write in a professional manner and demonstrate strong writing skills. 
  • Graphics are not required, but may be worth extra points.
  • All essays must be written in English.
  • Do not plagiarize.  You may cite sources.  Back up any citations with footnotes.

Evaluation Criteria

There are five primary grounds that your entry will be evaluated on:

  • Structure – you must provide a concise introductory paragraph of approximately 300 words explaining your ideas in a succinct manner, you must include relevant subheadings, write clearly, articulate your ideas in a professional manner, and your essay must be relevant to the topic.  The length of your entry should be approximately 2,000 words.
    • Note: submissions that include graphics may be given extra points if graphics are helpful to explain your ideas.  All graphics must be created by you and should be incorporated into the body of your essay.  Captions under graphics may be useful.   
  • Strategic Thinking – you must provide sound reasoning, critical thinking, and logical solutions to the essay topic. 
  • Tactics – you must provide concrete steps to achieve the desired outcome to the essay question.  Examples can include policy changes, laws, and other ideas you may have.
  • Feasibility – your ideas must be practical and obtainable. 
  • Analysis – you must provide comparative analysis, such as comparing your ideas or the failure to implement your ideas to at least one historical event, political system, or other comparable situation to demonstrate how the result has played out in the past or present
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All College Students and U.S. Military Personnel & Veterans are Eligible to Apply.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

All College Students are eligible to enter the contest.

All U.S. Military Personnel and Veterans are eligible.

Note: if you are under 18 years old, you must have the permission of a parent or guardian to apply.

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How to Get Started?

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    If selected, you will be asked for documentation to support the data you provide. Likewise, all correspondence and award agreements will be generated from the personal information submitted below. So, please use proper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

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